How My Teenager Found A Miracle Solution To My Debilitating Migraines

“She convinced me to try this new supplement, and I’m not exaggerating when I say: it saved me.”
By Emily Keller | Feb 10th, 2024
I can hear my kids laughing with their dad downstairs. It’s Sunday morning during the kids’ summer break, which means it’s pancake time. Another delightful family morning I have to miss, because of a 36-hour long migraine attack. I feel my heart tighten and do my best not to start crying – that always makes the pain even worse.

I get a text from my oldest daughter Stella. 

“Knock knock?” – I hear whisper behind the door. 

My sweet girl, who’s already 17, has seen me like these ever since she was born. 

My migraine attacks started after I had her, although I’ve never told her that.
"Hey Mom, how are you feeling? I brought you some pancakes and coke, I know it normally helps a little to get some fuel with your migraine. Have you watched the Reel I sent you?

– Not yet my love. I'm sorry, I’ve been down with another attack and I can’t stand sounds.

– It’s okay! It’s about a new company I found online. The video is about how these two founders started a company because the husband was suffering from migraines too. Here, I printed some info from their website to show you."
Stella proceeds to lay out a bunch of papers on my bed.
– I know you’ve tried everything and you hate getting your hopes high, but I think this supplement they created is different. 

– Oh sweetie, you know I’ve tried supplements before and they didn’t do anything. It was such a waste of money and I just… 

– I know, I know, but listen – this one is actually a blend. Yeah, look, it’s called The Brain Superblend. It’s like a powder, it has 12 or 13 active ingredients, and they’ve done like, a ton of research. Just hear me out.
I purse my lips. Stella is always on Tiktok and Instagram looking for remedies to help me. 
I love her so much for it, but I always feel like a failure when I try it and it doesn’t bring me any relief.
But, she kept showing me one study after another, showing how combinations of certain supplements like magnesium, feverfew and CoQ-10 together had been shown to reduce migraine intensity and number of episodes, or how boron glycinate helps with absorption of vitamin D and magnesium. 
She went on and on, and to be honest, she blew me away – 45 minutes later, I was convinced.
– Ok pumpkin. You win. I promise I will try it, but only if my neurologist clears me for it. I have an appointment next week, you can come with me and show her all of this great work, see what she says. Deal?
Sure enough, on Tuesday, Stella is the first up and ready with all her research. 

I look at her so proud and so touched that she’s put in so much effort to help me find a solution. 

Stella barely waits a minute before starting to layout her grand plan to my 15-year-long educated MD.

During my appointment, I see my neurologist go from amused of the looks of my Very Serious teenager, to more seriously focused, to excited. She reads in silence some of the papers Stella brought, then looks up at me. Then at Stella. Then back at me. 
– Honestly, this all looks pretty promising. Their doses are all in line with clinical trials, which is rare to find all in one blend. Do you know if they’re third-party tested? That’s super import…

– Yes! Stella cuts her, beaming. I read all about the FDA and how they don’t regulate supplements but some companies do third-party testing to show how safe their products are. This is one of them. Honestly the founders look super legit.

– Well, Emily. What do you think? None of your meds have interactions with these ingredients that I know of, so if you don’t have any allergies to it, you might want to try it and keep a log of your migraine attacks to see how it goes. I’d give it at least 4 weeks, but ideally 3 months according to these studies. 
I ordered it as soon as I came home. I was growing giddy and hopeful, all thanks to my sweet girl. 
And against all odds, after decades of trying every freaking thing under the sun, nothing short of a miracle started unveiling.
After 3 weeks, my attacks went from normally getting 15 to only 2. 
Those weren’t even that painful. It was the longest I had gone without one in years. 

At first, I thought it was the weather being clement on me. I normally have a host of triggers, including stress, some foods and pressure changes. 
But when a big storm hit at the end of August, and I didn’t have my usual attacks, I knew it was the supplement starting to make a difference.

Exactly one month after starting taking The Brain Superblend, it was Sunday again. I woke up full of energy, before everyone, which hadn’t happened in years. I snuck to the kitchen and started preparing pancakes. 

Stella came down and saw me. Little did I know she had been watching me. The look in her eyes, knowing she had likely cracked the code for me, was priceless.
I know what it's like to try everything and lose hope as a migraine sufferer. This worked like actual magic for me, and I'm so glad I listened to my teenage daughter. 

If you haven't tried this, give it a go. 
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