Husband & Wife Duo Create “Miracle” Migraine-Defeating Blend of 13 Clinically-Studied Ingredients

We created the solution we hoped existed, to shortcut 20 years of research for anyone who needs neurological support.
By Jeremy Watson | Jan 15th, 2024
Today, I’m celebrating my 39th birthday. This is also the 22nd anniversary of the diagnosis that changed my life forever. At 17 years old, I had an experience I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy: my first cluster headache. 

My mom watched helplessly as it felt like an ice pick was behind my left eye, nobody knowing what to do. 

It was weeks later when I heard my cluster headache diagnosis, a chronic illness that's incredibly rare and painful, and my life was never the same.

I was scared, and felt terribly misunderstood.
Over the coming years, I’d try just about every preventative and abortive treatment out there. I’d inject myself with sumatriptan over and over again to try and get some relief, hitting my max dose and constantly running the risk of stroke or overuse headache. 
I got so, so frustrated with doctors that didn’t seem to listen to me or treated my condition like “just another headache” - and don’t even get me started on dealing with insurance.
Another month-long episode hit when I started dating Laila. A quick weekend to visit her turned into a summer of her taking care of me. I felt terrible, like I was imposing, but I knew she was the one as she bent over backwards to make doctor appointments, advocate for me, and so much more.
After meeting others like me, I learned there are millions of us dealing with the same journey - most of them people with migraine, dealing with frustration and a lack of support. I am so, so unbelievably passionate about making this journey easier for others. 

It’s now my life’s work to give support to everyone dealing with migraine, and to educate others outside our world on how to be empathetic allies. I hope we can reach millions, but if Melina helps just one person find a path to relief a little faster: it’ll all have been worth doing. Laila, who is now my wife, decided to join me on this mission.
We both quit our jobs, and poured our life savings into creating the solution we wished existed for me: something all-natural yet backed by strong science. It turns out supplements have a lot of research behind migraine nutrition support, yet very few know about what and how much to take. 

We worked relentlessly for 14+ months to develop the best superblend we could, and take the guess work out of it for migraineurs and people struggling with headaches, brain fog and chronic fatigue.
We read every research paper. 

Talked to dozens of experts. 

We picked a top-notch manufacturer based in the US, obsessed over quality and safety, and put the interest of our community above profit. 

Spent months, and thousands of dollars, developing the formula and flavor.

And finally, after endless days and nights of work, The Brain Superblend was born.
"I went from 15-20 debilitating migraine headaches a month to one in first month of taking Melina each day." 
– Kara: Verified Customer

Today, we have hundreds of happy customers who are getting their lives back. 

Moms and grandparents who are able to be more present with their kids. 

Business owners who can function better and be more productive. 

And year-long sufferers who can rely less on drugs, feeling calmer and with a clearer mind than they have in years.
Every message we get means the world to us. This is why we decided to pour all of our time and efforts into starting Melina.
We're not stopping here. There is so much more to create ahead to support every single person with a brain lead the life they want to the fullest. Starting with people suffering with migraine, headache disorders and brain fog. 
I know what it's like to try everything to get better, and lose hope in the process. 

To feel misunderstood and unheard by medical teams who are supposed to have your back. 

I see you, and I hope this is the answer you’ve been looking for.
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