Husband and Wife Tackle Brain Fog and Migraines Head-On with Their Custom Blend of 13 Vitamins & Minerals

"We created the solution we hoped existed, to shortcut 20 years of research for anyone who needs neurological support."
By Laila Zouaki | Feb 6th, 2024
Today marks the 3rd anniversary of meeting the love of my life, Jeremy. Ever since we met, it felt like we were meant for each other.
But a less fond memory I often think of is how sick I’ve seen him be, when I witnessed his cluster headaches for the first time, merely 3 months into our budding relationship. He had warned me that he got “very bad headaches”, but candidly, I had no idea what that meant.

I watched him in excruciating pain day after day. 

Hiding from the light in my tiny closet.

His droopy left eye tearing up. 

Unable to think or work, and put on short-term disability.

Completely drained out of life.

I was scared, and felt terribly helpless.
I’d do my best to help – running out to get him food, picking up sumatriptan injections from the pharmacy, and begging doctors for last minute appointments.

But the more I learned about this incredibly rare and painful chronic illness, the more helpless I felt. 

Was there anything I could ever do to support him that would actually make a difference?
I couldn't believe that on top of all his pain, he had to deal with skeptical doctors who didn't understand his condition. 

Who doubted whether he was genuinely in pain.

Who couldn't do anything and wouldn't prescribe what he needed.
Thankfully, after the longest two months of my life, Jeremy woke up and the cluster headaches were gone. 
I decided this couldn't be our life.
We turned to science and learned everything we could about natural options that could help keep this torture away. What we learned blew us away. 

1. First, there are millions of others suffering in silence, and going through the same journey of loneliness, frustration and lack of support: migraine sufferers. I couldn't stop thinking about this fact – that one in 5 women would live in such pain, with no cure in sight. That they, and their loved ones, would have to go through the same journey as we had, with no break. 

2. Second, there are dozens of clinical trials and research showing the potential of supplements in supporting people with headache disorders – such as migraine and cluster headaches. 

3. Third, we realized this knowledge wasn't widespread among the migraine community, nor among doctors. 
After going through this hardship with Jeremy, I've become so, so unbelievably passionate about making this journey easier for others. 

It’s now my life’s work to give support to everyone dealing with migraine, and to educate others outside our world on how to be empathetic allies. I hope we can reach millions, but if Melina helps just one person find a path to relief a little faster: it’ll all have been worth doing. Teaming up with Jeremy on this mission is the most meaningful adventure I’ve ever embarked on.
We both quit our jobs, and poured our life savings into creating the solution we wished existed for me: something all-natural yet backed by strong science. It turns out supplements have a lot of research behind migraine nutrition support, yet very few know about what and how much to take. 

We worked relentlessly for 14+ months to develop the best superblend we could, and take the guess work out of it for migraineurs and people struggling with headaches, brain fog and chronic fatigue.

We read every research paper. 

Talked to dozens of experts. 

We picked a top-notch manufacturer based in the US, obsessed over quality and safety, and put the interest of our community above profit. 

Spent months, and thousands of dollars, developing the formula and flavor.

And finally, after endless days and nights of work, The Brain Superblend was born.
"I have suffered with migraines my whole life and constant headaches ever since having my first baby. Once I started Melina, I didn’t have a headache or migraine for two weeks! That’s a record for me. And the first headache I got was when I got sick so that doesn’t really count." 
– Christine: Verified Customer

Today, we have hundreds of happy customers who are getting their lives back. 

Moms and grandparents who are able to be more present with their kids. 

Business owners who can function better and be more productive. 

And year-long sufferers who can rely less on drugs, feeling calmer and with a clearer mind than they have in years.
Every message we get means the world to us. This is why we decided to pour all of our time and efforts into starting Melina.
We're not stopping here. There is so much more to create ahead to support every single person with a brain lead the life they want to the fullest. Starting with people suffering with migraine, headache disorders and brain fog. 
Whether you are a loving, tired caregiver or a sufferer, we see you. 

I hope this is the answer you’ve been looking for.
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