The solution we needed didn’t exist. We made it.

We’re on a mission to bring care and attention to everyone with migraine.
After years of pain, we were desperate.
Our co-founder, Jeremy, struggled for years in pain, dealing with debilitating cluster headache attacks that left him in tears and desperate for help. Prescription drugs had harsh side effects, and doctors doubted his pain or suggested tools that just didn't cut it ("have you tried taking aspirin?").

Looking for natural alternatives, it took years to answer "what to take, and how much?" - but it paid off with enormous physical and mental benefits. We're here to share our knowledge and shortcut that same journey for you.
  • Honesty

    We're not about blowing smoke; we're honest about our products, what's in them, and what you can expect. 
  • Empathy

    People with migraine go unheard way too often. We've been there, and we'll always listen and improve to better serve you.
  • Quality

    No fads or nonsense claims - we rely on proven science to give you what you need to thrive.
To you, from us
Watching Jeremy experience a headache attack was terrifying. Far from "just a headache", his cluster headaches would leave him incoherent and in horrible pain. Treatments fell short: I watched him suffer through painful injections and spend thousands on prescriptions that went nowhere.
Despite affecting 1 in 5 women, migraine is chronically under-addressed and under-diagnosed. There's far too many people out there going through the same experience that Jeremy had: frustrated, in pain, and misunderstood. If that's you, you deserve better. 
We founded Melina for the millions going through it who can agree: migraine sucks. Partnering with doctors and nutritionists, we're here to create products powered by cutting-edge science in service of you - and help you lead the life you deserve.
- Jeremy & Laila, Co-Founders (and your sidekicks)
We're in this together. Let's get started.
From your first migraine attack to your last, we're here to help you thrive - in every way you deserve.